No matter how long you’ve been away, no matter why you have been away, it only takes one step to come back the God and the Catholic Church. In Lisa Mayer’s article One step, she explains why no matter how far you travel away from God and his Church, it is only one step to return.

If you’ve been away from the Catholic Church, and you are interested in returning, join us tonight at St. Therese the Little Flower Catholic Church, 532 Adams St, Rapid City for the start of the six week series. If you are in the Lead/Deadwood area, the six week series is being held St Patrick’s Church, 141 S. Siever, Lead, starting Thursday, April 5.

No matter how far we wander, how far we go, Jesus stays with us. And that one step that remains to come back to Him—that isn’t because God wants that step to be there. That’s because He respects our will, and leaves that step there if we want it there. And then the moment we’re ready to bridge that gap, he is right there waiting to welcome us back into his arms.