The program we use is “Catholics Returning Home” based on Sally Mew’s book, Inviting Catholics Home.
OUT OF PRINT – new book Parish Guide for Implementing “Catholics Returning Home” Ministry: Outreach to Non-practicing Catholics anticipated will be available early 2018.

Other books we have offered in the past, include:

Returning Home to Your Catholic Faith is a companion book to Inviting Catholics Home. It addresses with honesty and compassion the fears, hurts, and guilt that many inactive Catholics feel when they first consider returning to the Church. A brief, to-the-point presentation of issues always stress God’s mercy. Practical tips on how to reconnect with the Church are included. The section on what the Church is like today is a reassuring overview of the opportunities available in a parish.

The Handbook for Today’s Catholic details the essental faith basics of Catholicism, suggests practical ways readers can integrate the Catholic faith in their lives, and also discusses practical ways to live the faith in the spirit of the Vatican Council II. It explores the major Catholic doctrines, focuses on the time honored practices guiding Catholics to live according to the Church teaching, and looks at prayers often used by Catholics.

In addition, we have a number of books available for checkout.

Other books people have found helpful or have been mentioned during sessions.