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Spring 2010 Southern Hills Series

The Spring 2010 Southern Hills series will be held at the rectory of St John the Baptist Catholic Church, 449 Harney Street, Custer, SD on Sundays from 4:00 – 5:30 PM.

Series Schedule:

  • Session 1 – April 18 – Introduction: High level overview of the program
  • Session 2 – April 25 – Sharing Stories: People that have left the church talk about why they left and why they came back
  • Session 3 – May 2 – The Church Today: High level overview of the Catechism and Vacation II changes
  • Session 4 – May 9 – The Mass: Walk through of the Mass
  • Session 5 – May 16 – Reconciliation: History and overview of the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession
  • Session 6 – May 23 – The Creed: What we believe as Catholics

Although it is most beneficial to attend all sessions, we realize that is not always possible. So please attend the sessions that you can.

For more information, contact Mary Eide at (605) 517-0662.

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i grew up on the prairies of South Dakota. My father was a barber and a baseball pitcher who gained the nickname, “Lefty”. My mother stayed home raising 5 sons and me, the only girl and the baby of the family. i came to Custer in 1972, married and raised 2 children who remain in the area. i transitioned from active Catholic, to inactive Catholic and back to fully active. Having lived on “both sides of the fence” i find the “grass much greener and richly fulfilling on this side of the fence. It’s great to “be Home.”

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